MM191– Make Life What You Choose it to Be, Like Kiara O’Leary

Make Life What You Choose it to Be, Like Kiara O’Leary-Motivate Me! Podcast with Lynette Renda

MM191– Make Life What You Choose it to Be, Like Kiara O’Leary


Quote of the Day: “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” –Marilyn Monroe

Guest of the Day: Australian Kiara O’Leary is a former events manager turned events business and soulful coach for women.

Passion: Kiara’s passion is dance: exotic, salsa, and pole. Dancing allows her to embrace her feminine energy, feel sexy, and regain her self-confidence.

Challenges: “Fear of judgement, I think, definitely. And, you know, fear of judgement of when I arrived, and I was wearing high heels because they said on the website that you should wear high heels, and everyone else was in bare feet. And I just faced-palmed and thought, ‘Of course, you’re the embarrassing one.’” “And, fear of judgement, I guess, a little as well. What do I tell other people I do when I do pole-dancing because there is definitely a reaction and a set of beliefs around pole-dancing? But the biggest thing was doing something by myself.” Kiara says she was always used to doing things with other people. She didn’t even tell anyone she was planning to take dance, which was a first big step for her.

Learned About Self: “…it’s been a real journey. I’ve learned so much about myself. But in that, that I can do so much more than I think I can. And in that, as much as I love having the people to share the journey with, like the call to my mum afterwards, I don’t need them there to keep me going. I can find everything within.”

Suggested Resources:

To bring dance into your life…

Envision: Envision how it feels to be alive, connected to your body, and moving and flowing to the rhythm of dance and life.

Explore: Use the Internet to explore styles and locations and listen to your inner voice. Also, explore by asking people and dance studios near you questions to make sure you find the best fit.

Execute: Figure out the best questions to ask and then pick up the phone and ask them. You may want to know what the energy in the class is like, if it is a risk-taking environment, if they are open to new members, what happens if you don’t have the skill?

Advice to Listeners: “The one that got me through everything that I went through in those couple of years, is just asking the question: ‘What would nourish my soul the most right now?’ at every point.” Whether she was crying in the shower or mustering energy to get out of the house, considering what would help her move forward at the deepest level is what helped most.

Motivational Go-Do!

Turn on your favorite song and celebrate your energy: feminine or masculine!

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