MM177– Self-Belief Makes Everything Possible with Kat Ellis McIntyre

Self-Belief Makes Everything Possible with Kat Ellis McIntyre

Self-Belief Makes Everything Possible with Kat Ellis McIntyre


Quote of the Day: “One of the oldest and most generous tricks that the universe plays on human beings is to bury strange jewels within us all, then stand back to see if we can ever find them. Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?” –Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert


Guest of the Day: Kat Ellis McIntyre from Australia. Kat is a shamanic astrologer, a writer, an entrepreneur and a blogger at where subscribers of her site can receive weekly soulful insights and inspiration.

Passion: Shamanic astrology is Kat’s passion.

Challenges: “…there’s been a few on this journey, because it’s like, really, transitioning into a whole new role, and stepping away from…a completely different being in the world. So, there’s been a few things that really stand out, but I would say, a lot of it has been around learning to be comfortable with facing the unconscious stuff in order to be able to really let go of whatever it is that’s been holding me back from shining my light.”

Learned About Self: “There’s been a lot. I guess in terms of from really allowing myself to be vulnerable, that there’s a lot of strength that comes from that. And that when we really give back to ourselves… and when I learned to really look after my health and give to myself, and go back to that inner world. So, through really sitting with myself and spending time with myself, it’s given me more ability to really put myself out there in the world in a very authentic, meaningful way. In terms of my message, in terms of who I am, and I think, also, another huge thing is really knowing that anything is possible. And, it took me a very, very long time to be able to say that, even when I was caught up in a lot of physical pain in my body.” All of this helped Kat to change her mindset and get familiar with the feelings that come along with being authentic. She adds, “I do now know that anything is possible if we have that self-belief.”


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To take astrology to the next level…

Envision: Astrology is a big picture, the big scope of things. Because astrology is so personal, you must discover what it looks like for you to step into your personal light. Envisioning and “getting in touch with the deeper side of ‘self’ and knowing that every single fear, every single emotion, and that fear is such a big part of this journey into stepping more into the light. So, the more that we can really go within to, kind of, own those emotions and sitting with fear and sitting with all of these things, the more that that vision can really come out into the light.”

Explore: Explore the inner-self and then get support: see an astrologer, enroll in a course, see a counselor to “unlock and uncover.” There are certificates available in these fields.

Execute: First step is to sit with yourself, get back into your self, acknowledge your internal world. Once you do that, identify one change you need to make right now to bring this new path into your life. Start small.


Advice to Listeners: “I would say, it’s really around, as we said, taking things one step at a time. So changing something very small and really taking that one small step. Learning how to be really comfortable with yourself and being really comfortable in your vulnerability. I guess that involves really owning your story to really become…best friends with yourself. And then, I think, really, nothing can substitute experience, so with taking risks or changing things…even though it’s not known what’s on the other side a lot of the time, it’s that experience that really gets us through to the next step.”

Motivational Go-Do!

Because it has just been the lunar eclipse, journal about what is coming in for you right now in regards to closing old doors or opening new ones. Set an intention over what you want to bring in over the next six months.


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