MM175– Passion can Land You in the Olympics, like Daniel Hayes

Passion can Land You in the Olympics, like Daniel Hayes

Passion can Land You in the Olympics, like Daniel Hayes


Quote of the Day: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.” –Steve Jobs


Guest of the Day: Daniel Hayes, from Los Angeles, California, is an actor, a mixed martial artist, and a boxer who will be representing Trinidad and Tobago in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Passion: Daniel’s competitive nature has lead him to a passion for boxing.

Challenges: Daniel says that having no “combat sport experience” initially is the first challenge when learning how to box. Not closing your eyes or not looking away way when you get hit is another challenge. He says that boxing is the only sport where you tap into the “fight” of “fight or flight.” He adds, “Being able to manage your adrenaline levels and your heartrate is going to also be…a challenge when you get into the sport.”

Learned About Self: “…I’ve learned that you can be weak! For me, I’ve learned…in the sport of boxing, it’s a very, very honest sport, meaning it’s gonna strip you to your bare bones, both mentally and physically. So, what I’ve learned about myself is my extreme strengths and my extreme weaknesses, and how to cope with when I am weak, both mentally or physically…those are two challenges that I still face in the sport, because I’ve never as much had to face them before, because I’ve always played team sports before.” He adds that what is also different is holding himself accountable, versus being held accountable by a team.


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To bring boxing into your life…

Envision: “…visualize wrapping your hands, visualize the feel of sweat because you’re going to get used to that feel. Visualize the mental and physical fatigue that you’re going to be going through, as well as the feel of the ring, the feel of those hot lamp lights hitting you when you’re in the spotlight and the ring. Visualize moving around, and visualize yourself being at its most fatigued and trusting your body that you’ve put in the work that you’re gonna recover and everything’s going to be OK.”

Explore: List the materials you would need, research resources online: groups, gyms, fitness facilities.

Execute: “Anthony Robbins said it best in his book…Unlimited Power. He said: The most important thing is just getting started and to build momentum, and the importance of building momentum.” Daniel suggests using this idea and not focusing on perfection to achieve anything you want to accomplish. This will build confidence.


Advice to Listeners: “…step outside your comfort zone, because it’s usually what we feel most uncomfortable doing is what leads to our biggest strides and growth.”


Motivational Go-Do!

Do something you’ve never done before. That one thing you keep saying you are going to do – set a date and go do it.


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