Episode 000 – Welcome to Motivate Me! with Lynette Renda


Quote of the Day: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” –Buddhist Proverb


Guest of the Day: I am Lynette Renda, a motivational coach, speaker, writer, wife, and mother.  I would like to take a moment to share how the proverb above represents me and my journey.  Its message coincides with the thoughts of Dr. Wayne Dyer, renowned self-help speaker, author, and motivator who believes: “Our thoughts are everything.”  Understanding this seemingly simple concept is what has inspired change in me and brought me to you.


 “I’m all about bringing the passion back!”    My goal is to help listeners discover/rediscover a passion and learn how to incorporate it into their life.  This is done by learning from the journeys of the show’s guests, and from becoming a part of the Motivate Me! with Lynette Renda – Ultimate Support System Facebook page.


Today is about learning what to expect from the guests on the show.  They will…


  • describe their passion and share how it began
  • talk about the challenges that held them back along the way
  • be transparent and discuss the disappointments with which they were met
  • reveal their success moment – the moment they gained confidence
  • analyze what they learned about themselves in this process
  • suggest resources (books/Internet) they find meaningful


Keeping it simple: Three simple steps to motivation…

Envision: Learn how to see yourself in a new role (as a writer, painter, photographer, musician).  Allow yourself the title – it’s empowering – believe it!

Explore: Research a field – start with the Internet, go to the library, speak to people, look at lessons or educational opportunities. Gain knowledge.

Execute: Act!  Take a baby step or take a leap… whatever that means for you.


Life is a Process: Knowing that we are never done, guests will share with you how they are taking where they’ve been to where they’re going.  Here is what I shared: Able to stay in the home I live now because my new business is successful.  My life is going to be exciting because I am meeting new people all the time and I am interviewing new people all the time, and I am getting messages that this show has changed people’s lives.  That people are happier because of it and that their life is more exciting.  That the Motivate Me! Ultimate Support System Facebook page has become an awesome support network for people.


Advice to Listeners: Each show, guests will leave you with parting words of advice.  Today I would like to leave you with this: “If we’re not enjoying our lives, what are we doing?”


How Motivate Me! Ultimate Support System can rally around Lynette:

Facebook: Motive Me! The Ultimate Support System

Website: www.motivatemepodcast.com

E-mail: Lynette@motivatemepodcast.com


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