Do I need a coach?

Do you want to achieve a goal, but you do not know how?

Is your life falling short, but you are not sure where? Is your business missing the mark?

Are you struggling to achieve a balance in your life: work/life, work/relationships, work/fun – enjoyment of life and fulfillment of relationships in general?

What about the workplace? Can you be more dynamic? Feel more respected? Accomplish more and get paid more? Get your organization to function more effectively, more autonomously?

When was the last time you felt “in the zone” – where you achieved the kind of productivity and creativity that occurs only during flow state? When was the last time you witnessed this within an employee?

How about your relationships? Are you communicating with your significant other, your children, your family and friends in a way that makes them feel valued? That makes you feel joy and pride when you think about them and the role you play in their lives? How about with coworkers, subordinates, superiors? How about with your self?

When was the last time you formulated your own success plan, had somebody who had the skills and knowledge to maximize this plan, and then provided you with the much needed support to not only activate this plan, but monitor your progress, and hold you accountable for the completion of it?

When was the last time you had somebody “in it” just for you?

The time is now – and we are here just for you – for all of this…and so much more.

Speech Topics

  • Live a Passion-Filled Life: One Created by Design
  • Don’t Just be an Empowered Woman, be an Empowered Person
  • The College and Career Conundrum: You “Don’t Have to do What Your Daddy Done”


is the podcast host of the successful show Motivate Me! who is taking her show on a 50-state tour. She has a degree in English and Secondary Education, as well as a Masters of FineArts in Creative Writing. She spent thirteen years encouraging people to step outside of their comfort zones through her Jersey Shore entertainment business, and twelve years doing the same as a high school English, writing, and public speaking teacher. She continues to do the same as a podcast host and keynote speaker whose focus is helping people create a life that excites and fulfills them. Lynette is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and is seen as an enthusiastic and energetic powerhouse.

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