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with Lynette Renda, an interactive podcast!

This podcast was founded by Lynette Renda and her husband, John. They met in 1985 when John was a lonely sailor traveling from a training facility in Idaho to his ship, the USS Carl Vinson, in Alameda, California. John was twenty-two-years-old and Lynette was seventeen and on a family vacation.

Her family arrived into Las Vegas a day early and the hotel they had booked had no vacancies. The next day, at the Motel 6 swimming pool in Las Vegas, Lynette and John met for the first time. Less than two years later, they were married. And the day after their four-year wedding anniversary, they welcomed Mackenzie into the world, their only child.

If you knew them personally, you would know that their life philosophy is to work hard and play hard, to care about people, and to take calculated risks. They enjoy all aspects of life, even the challenges, so it is no surprise that their goal is to inspire others to do the same.

While Lynette is the mouthpiece of the family, to know only her is an incomplete picture of who she knows herself to be.

As a form of coaching, Lynette interviews people who have incorporated a passion into their lives in order to motivate her audience to do the same. Guests discuss what they did to Envision, Explore, and Execute their passion, so listeners are given the tools they need to act in their own lives.

The Renda family considers their listeners fellow Motivators and would love to connect with their audience either through email or the Motivate Me! Ultimate Support System private Facebook group.

“The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.”– Henry Miller

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